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Puppies from 2009 Dixie/Bullseye Litter

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Red Nose Pit Bull Puppies Playing in the Woods with Sticks. These pups are from Dixie and Bullseye’s 2009 litter. We had a rare tri-color red nose pup in that litter which is playing with a red red nose puppy in this video. They are so cute and grow up SO fast! Can’t wait until I have more pups to play with again 😉


Bryant’s/Gentry’s Dixieland Delight

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Video of our Dixie playing frisbee and ball with my husband Mike.


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Welcome to Bryant’s Red Devils new blog. I hope to keep everyone informed about what is going on with the dogs and our family. You can see more about us on our website at .

Spring Breedings 2010

Posted in Puppy Updates on March 11, 2010 by bryantsreddevils

Ginger’s belly is starting to get pretty big, but Semi-Sweet is not showing so far. They are at the half way point in their pregnancies right now. I sure hope that Semi’s breeding took. I don’t expect for her to have many puppies anyway because of her age. I guess we’ll see as time goes by…

Dixie Skateboarding Pit Bull

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Dixie is a red nose pit bull that we produced and which is now owned by Michael Wofford, he sent us this video of her skateboarding. I have seen many bulldogs on skateboards but rarely Pit Bulls! Dixie comes from our dogs Bryant’s Dixieland Delight and Bryant’s Raising Kain.  They are very intelligent dogs 😮

Bullseye Hang Time

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Bullseye could hang all day long. When we lived at our old house, where this video was taken, you would hear him crying and when you got back there to him, he was happy as can be, but wore plum out from hanging there all day! He’s a good boy. Very energetic and lovable… he aims to please. This video captures his spirit beautifully!