News for January 2011

Ginger is in heat and expected to breed to Jack around January 24th 2011. Firefly went into heat later than expected so we bumped her breeding up one month, so we now expect to breed her to Bullseye around April of 2011 instead of March. I am putting new pictures up of Bullseye, Dixie and Firefly right now. So be sure to check ’em out!

Dixie  went into heat on 1/23/11. We expect to breed her to Bullseye around the 1st week of February.

Update: Ginger was bred to Jack and Dixie was bred to Bullseye. Both litters are expected at the end of March and beginning of April 2011. Please see our breedings page for details on these breedings: .


3 Responses to “News for January 2011”

  1. chris benford Says:

    great new pics, have to say bullseye n dixie look like the perfect male female pitbulls. they definately compliment each other. how many litters have they had together so far?

    • They have had 2 litters together. They always throw at least 2 tri-colors in each litter, 1st litter it was 2 males, 2nd litter it was a male and a female. Dixie and Bullseye look almost identical except that Dixie is more feminine and Bullseye more masculine. Thanks for the complements on them! They are some wonderful dogs and we sure are proud of them ;o)

  2. i love the new pics of dixie and bullseye!
    and the pups of them are really great, im proud to say i have one female puppy from their last litter and she had great looks and personality.
    i love her to death 🙂

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