Flare and Jack’s Female Pups 5 Weeks Old – 2011 Litter

All female puppies from Jack and Flare’s 2011 Litter. These red nose pups are 5 weeks old in this video. Hopefully this will give everyone an idea of what their personalities are like and make it easier to pick out their puppy.


6 Responses to “Flare and Jack’s Female Pups 5 Weeks Old – 2011 Litter”

  1. Hey my name is alan I also live in ga I really like ur dogs but the one I really like is ginger I was wondering when u where going. To have another breeding with her. I really love. Pits I think they are by far the best dog to own I have had own one my whole life on and off but I was getting into the bigger bully pits. But. I really would like to own both because they both have good traits in them but I am affraid that the newer dogs might end up loseing there drive and that worrys me a lot. I am trying to put together a dog with a nice frame but still have the drive as the older lines if u can help I will listen thanks alan

    • I plan to breed Ginger around February of 2012 to Jack. That is one of the many things that is great about Ginger, she does have a nice solid structure, huge head, and tons of drive as well. 1st pick male and female have already been reserved, so if you would like to send a deposit in it would be for 2nd pick. She usually has around 8-11 puppies in each of her previous litters. Most of her puppies have a light cream colored coat like hers, but she usually has a few reds thrown in there too.

  2. You have a nice page and some beautiful dogs I have owned APBT’s for 27 years and will never own another breed. I love the fact you provide allot of information and advice for people about them because between the media websites like cravendesires & dogsbite.org they are being portrayed as the most dangerous animals in the world when you and I know that 99% of the time the owner is to blame because Pitbulls are one of the most loyal and loving breeds out there. I have a page that advocates for the breed and wanted to know if it was ok to add a link to your page
    from mine, I work with a few rescue groups from my area but I don’t breed or sell dogs I don’t ask for or accept money from my page Im just trying provide the truth about these dogs because they are being exploited by people who like them but don’t have a clue on how to raise them and by people who hate them and advocate for BsL. I have been active in fighting BSL for years and we have stopped it in many towns in my area & now our governor has made BSL illegal in Mass so now no dog can be judged or given restrictions because of their breed alone dogs are judged only by their actions. I must be doing something right because Cravendesires has dedicated a few articles and a whole page in an attempt to discredit me and my opinions but they only proved what type of people they really are, their full of blind hate and ignorance
    but good luck with your dogs and be vocal when it comes to bsl it works when enough people make a stand, Stop by my page take a look and let me know what you think .
    Thanks Tom Garrett

    Ps My two current
    dogs are both Red noses

    • It is wonderful that you are being an advocate for these dogs and the people that own them! They are amazing creatures and most people cannot even begin to understand how wonderful a pit bull can be, until they own one themselves. Feel free to link to my website. I will have to check your website out. Thanks for all of your kind words about us and our dogs!

  3. donnell kitchens Says:

    Hey whats going on i am interested in your pups

    • We just had a litter last week from Little Ann and Jack. There are 8 males and 5 females. You can see the pedigree and photos of the puppies here: http://www.bryantsreddevils.com/PuppiesForSale.htm . Puppies are $2000 each and are dual registered with the UKC and the ADBA. The deposit to reserve a puppy is $500. We are currently running a promotion where you can save 10% when you pay for the puppy in full, instead of sending a deposit. that would bring the price of the puppy down to $1800. We take Paypal online or you can send a money order to our home. Paypal accepts credit cards making it easier to pay for the puppy upfront. Just let me know when you are ready and I’ll set you up with a great dog 🙂

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